She’s plane filthy and this month International comedy sensation Pam Ann will be landing Down Under with shows in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

This hostess with the most-est strips bare everything ridiculous about air travel and the culture surrounding it. No news story is safe from this comedian. Of course, the show will feature special appearances from her global alliance. But it’s not for the easily offended and definitely not suitable for children.

We asked her a few questions…

Old habits must die hard – when you’re flying as a passenger, can you resist helping the cabin crew out?
I am always in the galley, scouting for some gossip.

If you don’t mind us asking, are you a member of the Mile-High club?
I founded it in 1975 with Bob Marley – no woman no cry, as they say.

Who is the best airline to travel with?
Long haul, British Airways for me, I’m not fooled by mood lighting, okay Emirates? Short haul through Australia – I know I slag them off – but I would have to say Qantas. They have all these museum pieces they like to pull out, I was on a 676 and they had ashtrays in the arm rests. I was like, fuck me, you know something is old when it has an ashtray on it. 

What do you think of Virgin?
Well, I heard Virgin Australia want to try and de-sex the crew, which is impossible because I say once a slut always a slut. 

Any tips for flying cattle class?
I don’t fly cattle. I haven’t been back down there since the Eighties.

What advice would you give to people who are a bit scared of flying?
Oh, just shut up and get on with it.

Finally, you’ve rubbed shoulders with  loads of A-list celebs – who was your favourite, and why?
Elton, because he throws damn good parties…

Catch Pam Ann in Perth (Mar 7), Brisbane (Mar 12 & 13) and Melbourne (Mar 14 &15) and Perth (August 24 & 25) or visit her online at