Hey Jeffrey, looking forward to coming back to Australia?
Absolutely! Very excited.

What do you love about Australia?
The way you guys party!

Will you be doing much travel or sightseeing this time?
I certainly hope so, Australia is such a beautiful country.

Any experiences with crazy fans?
My fans are really kind and down to earth actually, I meet most of them personally and it’s nothing crazy, just really fun.

What is your pet peeve as a DJ?
I have no complaints, I feel really lucky to be living my dream.

What are you plans for the rest of 2013?
New tracks, new videos, new mix album and some crazy touring!

What do you do after a set these days?
If my schedule allows it, I like to hang out with the people that came to see me.

Drink of choice?
Mineral water.

Catch Dash Berlin at Brisbane (May 31), Hobart (June 1), Perth (June 2), Adelaide (June 7), Melbourne (June 8) and Sydney (June 9). See: totemonelove.com.au/