So, tell us about the new album? Well it’s been in the making for the last year and a bit and I would like to say it’s my finest to date. Since the last record, Brothers Grimm, I have been lucky enough to turn music into my livelihood. People say you have a distinct Aussie sound. What do you think that is? I don’t know really know how to take that. People say my accent is more distinct because of my nasally voice, but I don’t think I’ve got an overly Australian accent. How do you think Aussie hip-hop differs from hip-hop in the US? It’s different because of the lifestyles, that’s what it comes down to. There’s way more of a relaxed lifestyle over here than there is in the States, so with different lifestyles, you’re gonna get different subject matter. And Aussie hip-hop is such a young genre, there is hardy any ego in our scene. You have a lot of pop culture references in your music… I think it’s because I grew up in a household with three women. When I started rapping I used to look for material to rap about and the majority of the magazines around the house would be gossip magazines. I do have to admit I don’t mind the odd gossip mag, it has given me material to write about. I love the track “Rapunzal”. Is that about an ex-girlfriend? Yes it is. I sent it to her first and she loved it. She said “this song is amazing” and was really happy for me. But then, when everyone else heard it, she hated it, she was like, “oh no, now everyone will know what I’m like”. I haven’t named her and I’m not gonna run her through the dirt because obviously she meant a lot to me, and still does. What is the guitar riff at the start? It’s killing me, I can’t work it out. No! You’re not allowed to know. I’ve paid for the rights to it. People always say its Nirvana, but it’s not fucking Nirvana. Or Bliss and Eso, but why would I sample Bliss and Eso? I was thinking it was something from the 60s? Well, you’re close, it’s a surf-rock band. I would like to tell you but then I would have to kill you. If you weren’t doing hip-hop, what would you be doing? I would probably still be a roof carpenter. That is what I was doing when I first started making my music. And I hated it. I have got really white Scottish skin and would burn even in the middle of winter. So I think that is why I am doing my music because I just hated it. So if you were tanned you wouldn’t be doing music? Yes, if I was a bronzed man, I would not be doing hip-hop. You heard it here first! You’re from Perth, what is there to do over there? The beaches. I could be biased but I think we have the best beaches in Oz. Take a three hour drive to Margaret River and test out the wine because it’s some of the best in Australia. We’ve got these great little bars that have just opened up. About five years ago there was nothing, it was boring as bat-shit, but then the government changed their liquor licensing laws and now there’s a bunch of small bars that have opened, like this really cool one called the Bird on William St. What don’t you leave home without? My laptop. I use it everywhere. Working, watching movies and a bunch of stuff that I need on my laptop to get to sleep. Oh yeah… Ha, nothing suss, really… What’s your karaoke song? “Rocky Raccoon” by the Beatles. Russell Crowe and Naomi Campbell. Who’d win a fight? Naomi for sure, she is one mean bitch. Catch Drapht play Katoomba (May 5), Wollongong (May 6), Geraldton (May 19), Perth (May 20) and Albany (May 21). He’s also playing the Groovin’ the Moo touring festival ( and Queensland’s Splendour in the Grass.