Currently one of the biggest names in dance music, Liverpool native Yousef not only heads up one of Europe’s coolest clubs, Circus, but has recently been a resident at the legendary Space in Ibiza. He’ll be heading to Oz to play Stereosonic next month, so we dropped him a line…

Looking forward to Stereosonic?
Of course! I’m good friends with the guys that run it so it’s not only a great gig to do, it’s a great excuse to see friends.

What do you think of Australia?
I think it has some of the best and freshest food anywhere in the world. The vibe of the people suits me too. Nice, chilled and laidback.

Anything you want to do while here?
I’ve seen a fair amount of Australia but never done the Great Barrier Reef or Uluru. I should put on my tourist hat and do them.

Your all-time favourite venue?
It’s got to be Space Ibiza. The people that work there are soooooooo professional. It means the sound, the lights, the decor, the crowd, everything is perfect. Which in turn means I can do my job and rock the club every time. The crowd are so responsive and so loyal too. I’m spoiled and very, very lucky to be doing that.

How would you sum up Ibiza’s vibe in a few sentences?
You can’t sum up Ibiza in a few sentences… It takes years to really get to know it. It’s the most beautiful place in the world, its energy is either in your soul or it’s not. Like New York, but in a very different way, it has a visible heart beat.

How has it changed?
It’s now a lot more organised. It used to be a bit like the wild west! But now everything is tightly run, planned for the entire year and it’s a huge business. It’s a lot more commercial from a people point of view and there is a lot more commercial music, but the underground still rules and always will. The spirit of Ibiza may be harder to find, but it still exists.

How important is it for you to play in Ibiza?
It’s essential. it’s the best platform to build a fan base globally.

Who inspires you musically?
I’ve always loved black music. Soul, funk, disco, latin, some pop. I LOVE anything Quincy Jones has been involved in, but I also love more melancholy guitar music like Radiohead and the XX. Over the years, no one has delivered better house music than DJ Sneak, however. I’m so proud to have him as a good friend and now signed to my Circus Recordings too. He is house music.

What direction do you believe dance music is headed next?
I think people are going to start playing tracks with much more in them, not just simple beats.

I think we need to be musically nourished once again and the time is upon the electronic music industry to make great house and techno records again. Not just a series of drums or a big pop production. I think this is why the classic house DJs like Kerri Chandler are popping up again. They are making house that makes your think rather just fist pump.

What do you love and hate about Liverpool?
I love the history and what the city has achieved in the midst of relentless adversity, we have had it pretty tough over the years. And I hate the fact it can be negative toward progress and struggles
to have an open mind and does not encourage people to just be themselves. It’s a real heartbreaking shame.

What superpower would you pick?
Flying for sure. I hate flying, it’s long and boring and awkward. Anything to make my commute to work easier!

Who is your celebrity crush?
No question – Drew Barrymore! Always loved her, she seems like such good fun. I prefer girls whom are honest and fun and themselves. it’s so important to me to have personality.

Yousef plays Stereosonic in Sydney (Nov 26) and Melbourne (Dec 3).[]

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