As a long time master of bass, Roni Size is a perfect fit for this new project. After a huge year of live touring with his Reprazent band, he has returned to the decks with partner in crime, DJ Krust after 12 years.

These underground legends will be delivering a show drawn from the roots of Jungle & DnB ‐ old classics, unreleased studio cuts and originals remastered, with original Full Cycle frontman, Dynamite MC.

You had a massive year in 2015, can you tell me a bit about what you’ve been up to?

Well I think over the last three or four years I’ve really been pushing to get myself back into that premier league table. We’ve got a release coming out on the 10th June on Full Cycle and it’s been a really interesting moving forward because the audience and the technology and the way everything is done has changed so much.

For the generation who know nothing about what Full Cycle, Reprazent and Roni Size is all about, it would be good if they can maybe go and get to know a bit of history and look at exactly what we’ve contributed to the scene over the years and start to engage in what we’re doing moving forward.

Has the evolution in technology changed the way that you make music?

Nah. At the end of the day, musically, writing comes from the heart and the technology is something which I embrace. I think, really, it’s more about trying to reposition yourself as an artist.

Having a whole generation of 16~20 year olds who came into the dance music/drum and bass scene in the late 2000s… They’ve only been in it for the last 10 years. So it’s a re-education and it’s a challenge that we’ll meet head on.

Boomtown is known for showcasing a range of genres, especially underground bass music. You’ve been pretty instrumental in the growth and the reach of live drum and bass, what made you want to evolve that part of the sound?

I think when you perform as a live musician, you have the stage to yourself. You can put up a live drummer, bass player… You can put a really dynamic show together which can evolve and you can play on some major stages around the world.

The fact is that there are a lot of bands out there who have a live show, but they’re not really live bands. Back in the day, we embraced trying to be 100% live band and now we’re a live show! We want to go out there and show people that we don’t just stand behind two sets of turntables and “put your hands in the air” … There’s a lot of substance to what we do.

What can the Boomtown residents expect from your show?

Well it’s a Full Cycle takeover so we’re going to be playing stuff from Full Cycle which is mine and Krusts’ record label.

We just recently started it back up and are on our second release of this new venture. The first part of the journey started back in 1993 and then we took a step back in about 2008 because we had other work commitments. Now, in 2015/16, the label is starting to reach all the areas of drum and bass.  We’re going to come to Boomtown and spread the name so people know that Full Cycle is a label they should get involved with. It’s going to be showcasing some new artists and playing some classics which have made it what it is today.

The Bristol Sound is something that’s recognised worldwide, what do you think it is about it that appeals to such a wide range of people?

Drum and bass and jungle have been around for a good two decades now, so it’s not a new music. There are a few new styles coming through but they’re all based around drum and bass and jungle.

The Bristol sound, Full Cycle sound, is something which incorporates its’ own flavour from the city. That is hip hop and reggae culture; sound system culture and that’s what people have tapped into.

They’ve tapped into basslines and ragga vocals and it’s made it popular, people want to replicate that sound. You’ll buy a brand new plug in and you’ll go to the lists and you’ll see Bristol Bass or Bristol Drums or Bristol Sounds (laughs).

You can go through and see how it’s made an impact, not just through selling records but through the Bristol sound itself.

Boomtown’s known for being an immersive, theatrical and engaging experience that leaves punters with lasting memories. What are you looking forward to most?

It’ll be my first so I’m a Boomtown virgin! I’ve heard a lot about it though. Obviously there’s going to be a Full Cycle takeover so I’m looking forward to that and I’ve heard it’s a great party.

I like the fact that it’s my first year at Boomtown, I’m looking forward to being pleasantly surprised.