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With this in mind, Boomtown had to bring back Parov Stelar, the electro‐swing artist who set the dancefloor alight with his performance in 2014. The biggest seller in electro‐swing (not to mention his country) he has sold out multiple UK venues and tends to leave his audience breathless

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to do this. The crowd loved you at Boomtown in 2013! The festival is known for being an immersive, theatrical and engaging experience that leaves punters with lasting memories. What is your favourite Boomtown memory and why?

The people there were in an unbelievably great mood. There was this Mad Max kind of vibe on the entire festival. And then our backline never got picked up by a Cadillac Old timer before. Very well thought out and just cool.

Boomtown is one of only two of your UK performances ‐ what has brought you back to the festival again this year? What do you like most about Boomtown as a festival?

The most important thing at a festival are the people ‐ and these fans at Boomtown powered us to show all that we’ve got.  Boomtown’s known for having a very diverse range of music, no genre goes unturned. ​ How did your swing jazz/electronic fusion begin?

It’s funny, but it happened by accident… I put a Billie Holiday record on my old – well back then new – 1210 turntables and it got stuck. It sounded like a great loop – you know, like a vocal sample on repeat. Cool I thought, fired up my computer and started working on a beat for that. It all worked out great and that was a bit of a magic moment for me. And I thought, that’s the direction I wanna go! Then, I heard Mr. Scruff, ‘Get A Move On’ and I thought to myself this could be a new sound for me because I love both ways; the retro nostalgic feeling but also to be here and now with the modern electronic beats. So I did not think too much about it, it just happened.

What can the citizens of Boomtown expect from your live show this summer?

I bet there will be a few surprises, because we have 3 brand new and unreleased tracks in our set list this year and there are new visuals. It will be a full new package of energy, so get ready to be dancing and sweating!

What do you think the necessity is for a show with a full band?

The people out there deserve something ‘real’, they wanna see the music, not just hear it. Many people are fed up with our ‘super-fast’ digital and advanced world – so again ‐ they want something REAL. And as an artist you don’t want to use the easiest way, because the easy way is a bad teacher.

There has been a very positive reaction to you returning this year, what are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to the vibe at this festival again. Boomtown also always has a very special and diversified line‐up. I hope to catch a few band.