Dutch superstar DJ, Tiësto, on rumours of his death, life on the road and playing to a Spanish crowd straight after Holland’s World Cup defeat

So, apparently you’re dead.
You called me in heaven, right?

What’s it like up there?
It’s pretty amazing. I’m not going to lie [laughs]. Yeah, the death rumours come back every two years [reports earlier this month claimed Tiësto died in a car crash].

How did you find out about it?
Through Twitter. Everyone was sending messages like ‘Dude, you’re dead. What happened?’. It was something negative but it gave me something positive because so many people sent me love messages.

You live something of a vampire existence, awake in clubs all night. Do you ever get sick of it?
No, actually I don’t get sick of it at all. It’s a very glamorous life, you meet amazing people, you get to play music and every night is always different.

Do you ever forget which city you’re in?

I always know which city I’m in but sometimes I forget what time it is. I’ll go to bed at six in the evening for a power nap and when I wake up I often think it’s the morning and I’m like ‘Oh shit, I missed my gig’.

You’ve got Pendulum playing at your upcoming show in Victoria Park. Why did you choose them?
I wanted to do something different in the line-up and I love Pendulum – their sound is very fresh. They’re already huge but I think they’ll be even bigger next year.

If you weren’t a superstar DJ, what would you be doing?
Either working in the music business, maybe a road manager or tour manager, or I would work in a restaurant. I like to cook, so hopefully I could be a chef.

Clubbing is known for its drug scene. Have you seen much in terms of excess?

I think if you were to say ‘Clubbing is drug related’ five years ago, then yes. Nowadays, I barely see anybody off their head; people get wasted on alcohol, which is maybe the same thing, but I don’t see that many drugs anymore. It’s getting played out and the new generation doesn’t really care about it.

What’s the biggest diva moment you’ve seen from another DJ?

I hear stories from other promoters. One promoter got a really nice hotel suite but the DJ didn’t like the furniture and wanted to change hotels. [The promoter] had to spend half a day finding a different hotel. I’ve stayed in that room, it was pretty nice.

Who’s the nicest name in dance music?
I really like the boys from the Swedish House Mafia. They are very nice guys – very humble and all very talented.

Commiserations on Holland’s defeat in the World Cup final. What were your thoughts?
I think Holland played really bad and Spain played really bad too. But I’m so bummed. I really thought this was going to be the year of Holland. Then I had to play in Marbella after we lost, to a Spanish crowd with flags everywhere and they’re all partying to my music. It was pure torture [laughs].

» At Victoria Park, Grove Rd, E3 5SN
Tube: Bethnal Green
Fri, Jul 30

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