If you’ve been thinking of adding a furry addition to your home, a cute, cuddly kitten may have crossed your mind. They certainly are adorable, and it’s easy to see why so many fall for their big eyes.


However, it’s also important to note that they have a range of other surprising advantages – just in case you need any more convincing. 


In this article, we are going to talk about just five unique benefits of owning a cat.


Sound interesting? Then let’s get started!


They require little maintenance.


One of the most significant benefits of cats is that they are incredibly low maintenance. They keep themselves clean, don’t require exercise, and aren’t known to get frequently sick. 


Of course, it’s still wise to invest in a pet insurance plan for your kitten. However, generally speaking, they aren’t prone to as many issues as other animals.


They don’t take up a lot of space.


Speaking of low maintenance, another thing to keep in mind is that cats don’t take up a lot of space. They are happy to sleep just about anywhere, and you don’t need to make any big expensive purchases, such as a kennel.


This makes them the perfect pet for apartment owners or for those that may live in a smaller home. Not to mention they only take up a tiny amount of room in your bed at night.


They are quiet.


It’s possible to have a vocal cat, but generally speaking, they are a very quiet pet. Dogs can bark for hours when left unattended, but your neighbor might not even know you own a kitten.


That being said, you still have to watch out for those midnight zoomies. Most of their activeness occurs at night, which can definitely disturb your rest!


They help control pests.


Dogs may help deter intruders, but what’s great about cats is that they can keep your pests at bay. Bugs, rats, and mice will not stand a chance in your home, and if they smell a feline, they probably won’t enter at all.


Although, you may still want to hire an exterminator every once in a while. It can be somewhat scary to stumble across a lovely dead “gift” that they have left on your bed.


They can improve your mental health.


Finally, alongside all of the above, it’s crucial to talk about the mental health advantages that cats can have on their owners. Caring for an animal can lower stress levels and gives you a sense of satisfaction and life fulfillment.


As a result, it’s possible to potentially lower your risk of heart disease. Moreover, even their purring can be therapeutic, having a healing ability on infections and injuries.


Final words.


And that’s it! These were five unique benefits of owning a cat. 


As you can see, these beautiful creatures can undoubtedly make a wonderful pet. So, head down to your local animal shelter today. You may just find your new perfect addition!