Modern technology has brought cultural changes that affect everyone, including anyone who wants to find a partner. Because of this, it’s important that you understand exactly what to expect if you’re ready to leap into dating. Maybe you recently ended a lengthy relationship and you’re ready to find someone new or perhaps you’ve finally decided that it’s time to settle down. No matter what your reasons for finding a partner might be, there are three things you need to know about dating in the modern world.

1. Learn some manners

First off, make sure you’re always polite. One of the biggest reasons new relationships get off to rocky starts is that sometimes, people lack basic etiquette. Don’t let this be you. You don’t have to be over-the-top when it comes to etiquette, but you should have a solid understand of basic manners and polite behaviour before you go out on a date. For example, make sure you say “please” and “thank you.” Don’t just say these to your date. Make sure you’re also polite to the servers and wait staff you encounter during your date. It’s very important that you demonstrate kindness and caring to everyone you meet. The person you date will be watching you throughout the night in order to decide if he or she wants a second date, so make sure you put your best foot forward. If you aren’t sure what polite behaviour looks like, consider watching some charisma videos online to help you develop your manners prior to taking someone out on a date.

2. Get comfortable with apps

If you’ve never used apps or websites when it comes to dating, you certainly aren’t alone. Many adults are uncomfortable using apps to date people. After all, aren’t you supposed to meet people the old fashioned way? The truth is that apps are here to stay, so it’s important that you get used to using apps and chat services as a way to meet and connect with other people. Whether you use a site like Flirtfair or you opt for something different, it’s vital that you understand exactly how these apps work.

Remember that everything you say is out there for the world to see, so never type anything that could be construed as rude or harassing. You should be polite when you’re interacting with people on apps and make sure you’re honest and open about yourself, as well. No one wants to spend a lot of time talking only to meet in person and feel tricked because you aren’t who you said you were.

You should also make sure to choose a flattering image for your app or dating website profile picture. Make sure you choose something that reflects your best self. Ideally, this should be a head shot or full body image that shows you smiling or having fun. Never upload a picture with other people in it, as this can confuse the people you’re speaking with over apps. You should also avoid uploading selfies, as this is typically looked down upon.

3. Believe in yourself

Finally, no matter how you choose to date someone, make sure you believe in yourself. You can do this. You are incredible. With the right attitude, you can do anything. One reason some relationships fail is that one person lacks confidence. You can counteract this by focusing on your positive attributes. What are you good at? What do you like about yourself? What are some things you’re better at than other people? What special skills do you have? Before you go on a date with someone, make sure you talk yourself up instead of talking yourself down. No one wants to spend a date trying to cheer you up, so make sure you approach the date with the understanding that you are a strong, quality person who deserves to have fun and meet someone special. With this attitude, you’ll find it’s much easier to have a conversation and share an enjoyable date with the new person in your life.

No matter how you meet someone to date, make sure you’re prompt and communicate well before and after the date. Never leave someone hanging. If you aren’t interested in pursuing a relationship after a couple of dates, simply let the person know as politely as possible.