Initially, food products were pretty much the only organic ones. However, things have evolved a bit, and nowadays, almost any product we can ingest or apply on our skin can be organic!

Let’s take a look at the best organic products that are a must-try in 2020!

Organic Plant-Based Proteins

This year brings a wide variety of organic products to our shelves. However, the most interesting ones are probably creams very similar to yogurt but far from dairy products.

●     Mung beans and grains have been used to create organic products that resemble a variety of dairy.

●     In the same spectrum, watermelon and pumpkin seeds were used to produce both protein powders and other similar supplements. Avocado, chlorella, and hemp seed were also successfully used in the production of organic supplements.

Organic Flour

The same applies to flour. Well, new organic variations of flour to be exact.

People created a sort of organic flour, mainly because they wanted to use it as a gluten-free ingredient and make it accessible to more people.

Indeed, organic flour made from amaranth, rice, barley, nut, buckwheat, and oat is now available. Low gluten recipes can also benefit from spelt organic four.

Organic Hemp-Derived Products

Users of hemp CBD know that the best product they can buy is the organic one. Given that CBD affects both the body and mind, people must only use 100% organic products.

However, unlike most other types of products, organic CBD is pretty much the industry’s standard and can be easily bought.

A Different Kind of Butter

Macadamia and nut butter are classics when it comes to butter. Still, people wanted to try something new and organic.

Subsequently, this resulted in pumpkin and watermelon seed butter – even though it may not sound appetizing, we heard nothing but good things about it – and chickpea butter, which might make more sense.

Organic Food Varieties

According to the latest trends, organic may soon become the norm in terms of food products.

For example, we can now enjoy organic muesli bars, cereals, tea, coffee, spices, sugar, sweeteners, and supplements. Nothing escapes the organic revolution!

The Bottom Line

Naturally, we must also talk about organic skincare products. They have recently flooded the market but are not as popular as food/health products.

Overall, the good news is that organic products users don’t need to carry a magnifying glass anymore when shopping. Most markets/shops are equipped with a dedicated organic shelf where you can buy all the goodies mentioned above.

Furthermore, even if you don’t necessarily follow an entirely organic diet, it’s still worth trying out organic products such as seed butter and rice flour!

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