Scorpion Vodka   from the UK

Scorpions aren’t native to Britain’s soggy streets, but this strange drink is brewed by a British company to add a sting into your standard vodka cocktail.

Cannabis Drink from Switzerland

Despite the name this soda is made purely from hemp resin. It contains no THC, and has no psychological effects. A good marketing tactic, though.

Horse Semen Shots from New Zealand

Hailing from the set of Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth, apple flavoured horse semen. It might explain the close affinity between the people of Rohan and their four legged friends.

Ayahuasca from Brazil

Seeking spiritual revelations about life the universe and everything? This Banisteriopsis Caapi drink is reported to unleash visions, but only if you drink it in the presence of an experienced shaman.

Chicha de Muko from Ecuador

This beverage is traditionally made by locals who chew up corn and spit it into a bowl before waiting for it to break down and ferment into a yellow milk-like substance.

Frog Juice from Peru

French frog legs are for amateurs. This Peruvian drink is made by blending whole frogs. It’s believed to reduce stress and increase your sex drive.

Chilli Vodka from Canada

This spicy beverage helps Canadians… bear… their bitter winters. It can be brewed to a scolding 250,000 Scovilles, which is hotter than police grade pepper spray.

Pizza Beer from the US

The most divisive issue in America since the Civil War: New York or Chicago style pizza? Who cares, you’re drunk!

Seagull Wine from Arctic Circle

Take a dead seagull, stick it in a bottle of water, let it ferment in the sun, and through magic: boom! It turns alcoholic.

Pulque from Mexico

This traditional Mexican drink is made from fermented sap of the maguey plant and somewhat resembles milk, we can’t say that it tastes like it though.

Tree Bark Soda from Caribbean

It tastes like root beer, only this soft drink is made using herbal extracts of tree bark. Where the sap is collected and distilled into the oil used for soda.

Bilk from Japan

This strange combination coming out of Japan is a mixture of milk and beer which reportedly has a fruity taste, and a truly ingenious name.

Three Penis Wine from China

How far will you go to increase male potency and virility? This Chinese rice wine is fermented amongst the manhood’s of a deer, a dog, and for good measure, a seal.

Egg Soda from Vietnam

Anyone who thought vanilla coke was a step too far, would be horrified by this sweet drink made from egg yolk, condensed milk and club soda.

Kumis from Mongolia

Produced by fermenting mare’s milk, this drink was a staple in the saddles of steep warriors like Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun.

Kimchi Drink from Korea

Kimchi is a traditional Korean Side dish, made form fermented spicy cabbage… yummy. The drink is blended from all the juices left behind after the fermentation process.

Cow Water from India

Cows are often worshipped for all that they give back to the earth, but now some people have opted to enter the cola wars with a drink using cow urine.

Cow Blood & Milk from Kenya

This traditional drink in Maasai culture is said to bring numerous health benefits and spiritual awakenings for all that consume it.

Snake Wine from Thailand

Not to be confused with a snake bite, these slithery wines are produced by fermenting a venomous cobra into rice or grain wine.

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