But these may not be enough. First, you need guidance on how to approach network marketing. Only then can you implement the strategies and technical knowledge to become successful. But where will you get appropriate guidance? 

David Imonitie, for one, is one of the outstanding leaders in the network marketing industry. He was born on July 2, 1983, in Merryville, Missouri and he is now among the top five earners in network marketing. Below, David shares his principles on how to become successful in this field. Remember, this is a guide on approaching MLM. It doesn’t involve trade secrets or strategies

1) Figuring your desires 

Network marketing is a massive industry. As a beginner, you need to focus on your objectives. You cannot expect to become an icon overnight. It took David Imonitie more than 5 years to focus on what he wants to do in this industry. His years of failure didn’t demoralize him from shifting from what he wanted to do. Eventually, he followed his ideas and worked hard to become successful. 

David always suggests that you should have clear ideas of what you want to do. You can work for a network marketing company or start your business. Once you choose your destination, you need to focus on the different paths that can make you successful.  

2) Raising your performance 

You cannot maintain stagnant performance for years. It will mean you don’t have any goals in this industry. That will take you nowhere. Networking marketing is all about performance. You need to set a specific set of goals before every project. Work hard to achieve those objectives. If you meet them, you should raise the bar to improve your performance. David says that you need to fight to win every day. But you also need to believe that you can win. This will close all doors for failure, making you focus on achieving your goals without compromising your efforts.


3) Finding a mentor 

Most people don’t realize the importance of working with a mentor. David Imonitie believes that mentors can shape your life and make you a better person. Self-belief is crucial when it comes to network marketing. And mentors can make your life easier in this industry. David had Mr. Holton and Earlene Buggs as his mentors. He followed their principles thoroughly. David, in his many speeches, also said that his mentors taught him the importance of becoming a good human being first before trying to achieve any kind of success in your chosen career. 

4) Executing your plan 

Once you visualize your marketing objectives, you need to work towards them. Don’t take any shortcuts or cut a deal to gain quick success. David believes that shortcuts never lead to long-term success and popularity. You need to see the broader picture of helping your company gain success as this paves the way to finding the success you want for yourself. 

Many people can provide life and career lessons. But you can relate to David Imonitie’s speeches because he saw years of struggle before reaching the top. His life lessons and most importantly, his MLM success tips, can prove to be all you need to get the ball rolling and reach your goals sooner than you think.