The existence of a secret military base called Area 51 has long been one of the worst kept secrets. Its involvement in all manner of secret goings on has been a focus for conspiracy theorists for decades, but the base had never been formally recognised as existing. New documents released by the CIA though confirm though that the base does exist and that it’s located in Nevada.

Documents have been released in response to a Freedom of Information request which was made in 2005, and are far less redacted than previous released documents, which have had key date and information removed from them.

George Washington University’s senior fellow Jeffrey Richelson made the request, and posted on the university’s blog that:

“The latest release is notable for the significant amount of newly declassified material with respect to the U-2 – with regard to the names of pilots, codenames and cryptonyms, locations, funding and cover arrangements, electronic countermeasures equipment, organisation, cooperation with foreign governments, and operations, particularly in Asia.”

So while the existence and location of Area 51 has been acknowledged, and some of the things that went on there unveiled such as the U-2 spy plane testing, there is nothing that says that men from outer space have been kept there. Not yet…

Photo: Getty.