With most travellers taking time out in an Aussie city to fund the next leg of travelling, many end up landing some office work. And that’s for a good reason, or three.

Temp jobs tend to be fairly easy to get, quite well paid and not too stressful.

“People can email us their CV and then we’ll call them back and get them to come in,” says Geoffrey Nathan candidate manager Mandy Bayrami, who is on a Working Holiday visa herself.

“We get most people interviews within a few days. Sometimes the same afternoon.

“Plus, we have offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, so if you register in one city we can help you find work in another.”

Firms are generally looking for positive, switched on individuals with at least six months officeexperience. But with it being a candidate-short market, a good personality can be almost as important.

Experience will most likely determine what sort of role you can land, but there are plenty of positions to choose from, whether it be receptionists, data entry operators, customer service reps, call centre, administration, clerical, PA’s, legal secretaries, to name a few.

How much hard-earned cash you get to stuff in your wallet will obviously also vary depending on the type of role you get.

But as a rough estimate you could expect to earn at least $18-19/hour for call centre work or $20/hour for receptionist jobs.

That could easily escalate to $25/hour and above for more skilled positions, such as in banking.

There is also a good chance that a firm may offer you some training.

If you’re a skilled worker, or end up in a managerial role, there’s even the possibility you could get sponsored and end up staying on to earn the big bucks.