Miloud Bekkari 26, from France

What’s your job like? My job is really challenging, emotional and exciting. I’m working in a fast-changing environment so every day is completely different.

What do you do? I’m a channel manager (campaign manager) for a campaign called Iprimus, a telecommunications company. Personally, I’m responsible for 24 people made up of three teams of eight. Each team is selling home phone cap plans across[NSW directly at people’s door. My duties include recruitment and training and also making quality control calls. I spend a lot of time thinking about new strategies to develop people skills.

What job did you have back home? Plenty! I spent four years working at Disneyland Paris where I had the chance to experience many jobs – receptionist, concierge, bell boy, entertainer, Disney characters. I was also a taxi driver for eight months.

How did you land your Aussie job? I started about two years ago as a door knocker. After three months I was promoted to team leader. I started to feel more passionate and see more opportunity coming up so I doubled my efforts. Nine months later I had the chance to be sponsored by the company and promoted as a recruiter/trainer. Recently I’ve been promoted to channel manager. Not bad for a French man, no?

Was it hard finding a job in the marketing/promotions sector? No. This sector is really booming.

What are the good points about your job? I get to travel, meet a lot of people, do a lot of different things. This position in this company makes me feel that I’m working in my own business.

Any bad points? There is a big turnover as 95 per cent of the crew are travellers, so the bad thing is saying goodbye to some very good personalities.

Any memorable moments? So much to say. I just spent a fantastic two years on the road, travelling a lot and making good money at the same time, meeting a lot of people from all corners of the planet, and having a lot of fun.

How’s the pay? Very good. I’m very happy.

How long have you been in Australia for? Nearly two years. Where next? The moon! I’m happy here so nothing planned for now.

Any tips? Come and join us if you wanna make good money and have some fun!