Juliane Stahlfast 25, from Germany

What brought you to Oz? I actually came to study, then decided to travel.

How did get your job? We have a work centre at the hostel where I’m staying, they gave me the details of a company that needed extra staff.

What is it you do? Well, so far I’ve worked at an Elton John concert, Big Day Out and Soundwaves. I also went to Sydney to assist with Fair Day and Mardi Gras.

How does it compare to what you did back home? It’s actually more fun. I had a boring office job back home. Here, I’ve met heaps of different people, seen a lot and definitely had more fun.

What are the good points? It’s great to meets lots of new people and it’s been interesting getting behind the scenes at events.

And any bad points? I somehow manage to end up with many bruises. I guess my bin-carrying technique is not up to scratch! Oh, and I do hate cleaning toilets!

How’s the pay? It pays the rent.

Any tips? Simply try it. And don’t worry about a bit of dirt or bin juice running down your legs!

Would you recommend it? Yes definitely. I’ve had a ball here!