Ric Singleton 28,

UNITED KINGDOM What do you do? I’m an industrial designer – drawing and colouring in pictures of torches, furniture, lawnmowers, boats etc. It’s a bit like painting by numbers but a bit more tricky.

Do you meet interesting people through your job? Yes, we have an office where engineers are triathletes, managers surfevery day and a boss who has a scintillating story for every occasion.

Any funny stories to tell about your job? On my second day at work, after a huge meal, somehow it was 3am and we were in the Cremorne Hotel and the boss was shouting out to the accountant,”Can we still carry on drinking?” I was originally taken on for a few days, after that night they decided I was worthy to stay on for a longer contract.

What are the good points of your job? It’s creative and constantly challenging, and seeing your designs being used is good.

What are the bad points? Lots of unpaid overtime.

Three words to describe your job? A creative, stressful challenge.

What are you doing with the money you earn? Paying my rent, eating nice food, drinking great (mostly cask) wine, going out and watching/ listening to great live music, and attempting to save.

Where have you travelled so far? Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Darwin, Melbourne and Cairns.

Where next? The west coast of Oz and then the rest of the world. A lot more saving needed though.