Eileen Collins

What made you decide to teach in Australia?
I had been travelling in Asia, New Zealand and Australia for six months when I decided to settle in Sydney. I decided to teach here as there was a lot of work, especially casual work which suited me perfectly. The money was brilliant also!

How did you land your new job?
I have been getting work through Randstad Education recruitment. 

And what exactly is it that you do now?
I am doing casual teaching in schools around Sydney.

How does teaching in Australia compare to back home?
It is great to experience teaching in a different country to see how school life compares to schools at home. It is good to see different things and experiences and bring these ideas back home. Sydney is a really multicultural place and it makes life in the classroom very interesting.

How long do you plan to teach in Australia for?
My visa is up in August, so I have just two months left in Australia.

What is your next destination?
I’m not too sure. I might try Asia or teaching in Canada.

What has been your best teaching experience?
The children love hearing about Ireland, they love the Irish accent too! My best experiences were teaching them Irish songs and Irish myths – I always get such a great response from the children.

Any days not that great?
When it rains and the kids can’t get outside to play. Those afternoons are always crazy!

How does the pay compare to your expectations?
The pay is really good and important for any broke travellers.

What is your advice for other keen travellers?
Try to start the registering process with the Department of Education and the Institute of Teachers before you arrive in Australia as it takes time to get sorted. Also bring all your documentation and paperwork with you. 

Why would you recommend your job to others?
I’d recommend teaching in Australia because you learn a lot from visiting different schools and teaching in different classes. It’s an educational experience you can’t get at home. Also it pays very well!