Sydney comic Jim Jefferies made his name making people laugh in the UK and US, but he returns Down Under this month to play a fortnight of home town gigs, so ALEX HARMON caught up with him…

You’re currently in the US at the moment. What are you doing over there?
I tell jokes! I’m living in LA at the moment. I basically spend a few days here and then I’m on the road. I just got back from Sacramento, before that I was in Boston and Philadelphia and after Sacramento I’m straight down to[Australia]. So yeah, I keep busy.

I hear you used to live in London?
Yeah for 10 years, I did.

So, do you miss it?
I do miss it. I get more homesick for London then I do Australia. Just because that is where all my friends are. It’s different when I go back to Australia because I get to see all my nieces and nephews and spoil them a little bit you know. And obviously my Mum and Dad.

Your comedy show is called Alcoholcaust – I take it you like to drink?
I do like to drink. But that’s not what the show’s all about. They make you name things so I just put those two words together. But I have been known to get drunk on stage, yes. But I’m trying to better myself and not do that as much.

What’s your drink of choice?
Normally Jack and coke. But I’m trying to watch my figure so it’s now Vodka and diet.

That’s much healthier…
Well not much healthier, but less fattening.

How did you get into comedy?
I did a couple of opening spots at the Sydney Comedy Store when I was 17 years old, which didn’t go too well. I wasn’t very good. Then I was living in[Perth], going to university over there and I started again when I was about 23 and thought I’d give it another shot. I’m 33 now. Then, shortly after that I went to London, I had no intention of staying there, I was just going over there like any young bloke, wanting to travel and see a bit of Europe. But then thought fuck this, it seems like there’s a lot more comedy clubs over here. But I’m happy now to be able to do gigs in Australia after all these years.

I heard you used to be an opera singer?
Ah, not a very good one. I sang in the chorus for a little while, in the Australian Opera for a couple of things when I was 18/19. My best friend in Australia is a lead in the Australian Opera. So I always think its funny when the two of us hang out. I’m like the dirt bag and he’s like the respected singer.

And you set the record for saying the word “fuck” the most times in an hour on HBO?
Um, no, that’s not true. The truth is, I set the record for the most “c**ts’ on HBO in one hour.

Oh right, I’ll be sure to make that clear…
Yeah, it’s slightly more offensive. Look it’s one of those things, I wasn’t trying to set a record. I actually got told not to say the word for the first 15 minutes as that’s when the ratings are the most important. But then at the 15 minute mark they had a light at the back of the room flashing, just to know that I could say it again.

So you went to town?
Well yeah, it’s like okay, you can say it now. So I think I slipped the c**t out at about 15 minutes.

So are you following the World Cup at the moment?
It’s on my TV at this very moment. I’m watching a replay of the Australia v Ghana game. And getting up tomorrow to watch the Serbia game and all the handballs and the red cards and the players sent off. I think I’m the only person walking around Venice with an Australian soccer jersey. But I don’t think the Americans are all that fussed about the whole thing, and they’re actually playing quite well, but I don’t think they’re that bothered either way. I’m going to watch the England match tomorrow too and they’re gonna need luck.

Well, in Australia we’ve been getting up at 4.30am to watch some games so it’s extra hard.
Well it’s midday for me and I’ve already been whinging about having to get up for that! But when I was in New York, the Ghana game was on at like 2.30pm, which was perfect.

So finally, you’ll be coming back to[Sydney] soon?
I’ll be in Sydney to do two weeks of shows at the Comedy Store. I’m flying straight in and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s one thing to do well overseas but you always wanna prove yourself when you’re at home.

See[Jim Jefferies] at Comedy Store Sydney from Wednesday 30 June to Saturday 3 July and from Tuesday 6 July to Saturday 10 July. Tix start at $10. More info at[])