Brittany is magical. There is something about the traditions of the area that brings out something unique, from the ground. And you can feel it in the air, everywhere you go. However, to help you make your choice, here are three cities that you should think about adding to your list of future travels.

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

If you plan to head out with everyone, and visit more than one city, then what you should do is find a family camping in Brittany. It is the best way to please all, since there are so many activities available, for various ages. But the main reason is that you’ll be able to go from there and rapidly head to one of the great cities below, before going back to nature, every evening.


The city is close to Mount Saint-Michael, which is one of the most visited sites in France. So, before heading there, make sure to do a stop in this unique location that gets surrounded by water at some point during the day. Then, catch the tides in Saint-Malo, as well, since they are the most important ones in all of Europe. While there, visit the National Fort, as well as the Cathedral of Saint Vincent.


You cannot go to Brittany and skip its capital city. Rennes is a wonderful city that will really help you understand the history of this French region. That is because it goes all the way back to the Roman era. It left behind some the most beautiful monuments and churches that can be found in the country. Le Parlement de Bretagne is one that is not to be missed. But one of the activities you must do, is to walk around its beautiful parks, including Parc du Tabor, where you will discover a French and an English garden.


If you like nature and the sea, Brest is definitely a place to head to. There, you will find a naval base that has been built centuries ago and that still thrives. Sadly, the Second World War destroyed almost everything inside the city. The two constructions that are still up, and can be visited, are the city Castle and the Arsenal. Brest is also one of the largest research centers in the world on Oceans. That is why you need to spend time at Océanopolis, which is a world-class aquarium that will teach you many things you did not know about the Atlantic Ocean.