A Gorilla who apes (arf, arf!) humans by walking upright on his legs has become a Youtube sensation.

The silverback gorilla named Ambam was filmed walking on his legs at the Port Lympne wild animal park in Kent where he lives.

The video quickly became a Youtube hit after it was viewed by more than 150,000 viewers.

The 21-year-old gorilla’s behaviour, captured by animal researcher Johanna Watson, is unusual with most gorillas preferring to make their way on all fours unless they are reaching for a branch of a tree.

Port Lympne keeper Ingrid Naisby told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s quite unusual in gorillas but Ambam does it quite often and he can balance very well. Other gorillas do it occasionally, but he will do it for a bit of a distance.”

‘He’s always liked to stand up. It’s about getting his balance right and he’s well practised. He has perfected it.’

It must run in the family though because his full sister, Tamba, and a half sister are also able to walk in the same way, though not as far as six foot tall Ambam.

Ambam was born at Port Lympne’s sister park, Howletts, in 1990.

Both parks help protect rare species.