While you may have enjoyed a swathe of holidays that included two weeks on the beach and days lounging around a pool with an all-inclusive wrist band or even a self-catering break where the sun, sea and sand were enough, why not try something a little different this time around. One key holiday trend that’s on the rise is luxury travel, where travellers are throwing a little bit of caution to the wind and spending big on their trips.

And why not? It’s your money that you worked hard for, so why not spend it on a trip that’ll leave you relaxed and filled with glorious memories? While more expensive than the usual destinations, you can’t deny that spending more means luxury, due to it bringing a higher standard of service, food, drink, facilities, coffee, and pretty much everything else.

Below, we’ve listed our top three luxury holiday destinations you should check out.


The second most expensive holiday destination with an average spend of £398.45 per day, this is a place loved by the rich and famous, which has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last decade or so. With that in mind, planning your trip, from finding a flight and hotel to Dubai airport transfers should be a breeze.

If you’re wondering what to do while here, well, you’ll be spoilt for choice, which is usually the case when money’s involved. After indulging in a gorgeous sleep at your hotel, which will no doubt be filled with all the latest mod cons, make sure you explore the malls, filled with designer clothing at every turn before experiencing lunch at the Burj Khalifa, dinner at the Vista or Pierre’s Bistro and Bar and of course, a luxury trip to the desert.


For the ultimate Swiss experience make sure you fly over between July and August when the temperature hits 18 to 28°C. Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, this gorgeous country is landlocked right in the heart of the Alps, which only adds to its exclusive, luxury feel. With an average daily spend of £376.52, Zurich is your best bet for the panicle of luxury stays. Meanwhile, aside from the delights of the hotel, you’ll be surrounded by world-class museums, vibrant streets and cultural attractions, alongside sheer mountain peaks and wild rivers to give you the best of nature and modern-day wonders. During the summer months hiking and biking are great pastimes, while UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Jungfrau region are a great day out. If you prefer colder holidays, then skiing in the Alps during winter is a luxury holiday many can only dream of.


Easy to get to for those in the UK, the city of love comes is the 12th priciest holiday destination, with an average spend of £274.97 per day. However, France is a holiday destination everyone needs to explore with many wonders to see such as the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge, while world-class art in the shape of the Mona Lisa will add a cultural slant to your luxury stay no other country could provide. Try stopping in sheer decadence at hotels such as Hotel Lutetia, while world-class eateries such as Monsieur Bleu, Fauchon and Le Relais will leave your mouth watering for the rest of your life.

So, next time you go away, stop and think, ‘do I need a luxury treat?’ the answer is probably yes, and these places have it in abundance.