❚ Jay-Z is one hell of a hip-hop entrepreneur. His first foray into business was a majority stake in clothing brand Rocawear, which he sold in 2007 for £128m.

❚ Heidi Klum isn’t just a pretty face, earning £10.6m in 2011. And it wasn’t only from fashion – Klum owns a third of the rights to TV show Project Runway and has her own production firm.

❚ It’s restaurants for DJ Fatboy Slim – with Japanese eatery Okinami, in Brighton, and two Michelin-starred New York gastropubs.

❚ Oscar-winning Black Swan star Natalie Portman, left, wasn’t so successful with her vegan-friendly footwear line, though. People were put off by the shoes’ £125 price tag and the parent company closed within a year.


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Rob Cooper, 27
Job Founder of budgeting site,
From Southampton
Lives Kilburn

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How do you budget?
I track my spending in Moflo as soon as it happens. To make this easier, I have SMS notifications set up with my bank, so I know as soon as direct debits come out.

Any money-saving tips?
Use a debit card where possible. Change is more likely to get wasted or put in a penny jar rather than to good use. Develop the discipline to use your card properly.

Last big blow-out?
Las Vegas, May 2011. All paid for in cash, no credit whatsoever. It was the first holiday I’ve done like that and it felt great to just focus on having a good time rather than worry about cash.

What non-essential items do you spend money on?
Spotify would be at the top of the list. It’s certainly non-essential, but I love it.