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Online slots are now more accessible than ever, you can play them in the comfort of your own home, instead of heading down to your local arcade with a bucket full of change, and it’s made them a big hit.

While players enjoy the games at their end, at the other end the pressure is on at the operators to come up with new slots and improve existing ones. Competition is fierce within the industry: there’s always another operator trying to tempt players over to their online casino and persuade them that their slots are better.

Products that are always improving

Before, slots existed in brick-and-mortar establishments and contained a system of gears that would all work together when the player pulled the lever on the machine. Then along came electrical machines. They had motors that would turn the reels and also stoppers that, when released from their catches, would spring forward and lock into different notches to hold reels in position (hopefully, for the player, a position that resembles a win). 

Computing has revolutionised the world of slots, transforming them from being purely an offline form of leisure and into one you can enjoy online as well. Just like in today’s machines, online slots employ sophisticated software called ‘random number generators’ (RNGs) to produce different combinations on every spin (and keep the player guessing). These combinations are completely random, even though the computer is telling the reels where to stop, rather than being programmed to make the machine pay out at certain (regular) times.

The integration of computer technology into slots has made them much more adaptable than before, benefiting the players and the operators. Players can gamble using an account now. Not only that, they can track how much they win, lose and spend, too — and so can the online casino — and take whatever action they feel is necessary in each scenario.

It’s not just the operation of the slots that has changed, however; the aesthetic value has as well. Slots today are much more visually appealing. Graphics have gotten steadily more advanced, moving from 2D to 3D animation and enhancing the overall experience for the player. Variety has been a major factor, too, with players being able to choose from a whole range of themes, from music, to movies, to sport, to games set in historical periods and more. If you thought slots in brick-and-mortar establishments were exciting, online slots have ramped up the thrill factor even more.

A few good slots

One of the finest places to play is at, who belong to the famous 888 group. Like other operators, Wink Slots is always looking to improve the gaming experience for the player and offer slots that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Here are some of the best slots in the operator’s offering:

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

The popular gameshow has been running since the late 1990s and, finally, has its own slot to delight its fans. The game is imbued with a large amount of flexibility that allows players to choose how much they want to bet per payline and how many paylines they want to activate. This slot version also doesn’t skimp on opportunities to win big, with the Prize-Pick-In-Reel bonus, in which you can win up to a 1 000 times your betting amount, and the Jackpot Ladder bonus, in which you answer questions to collect cash. There’s a progressive jackpot, too, and, of course, free spins.

Monopoly Grand Hotel

Another favourite, this time in the board game world, is also getting in on the slots act: Monopoly. In its Monopoly Grand Hotel, like other games, there are Scatters and Wild features, which up the opportunities to win. The game has a return-to-player of 95.40% — the amount the game pays out to the player relative to their wager — and boasts a special ‘Go’ feature, too, which keeps the Go reel stationary and entitles you to spin again for a prize. That prize could be a free game, a cash prize or one of four jackpots (Mini, Minor, Major or Grand).

Rainbow Riches Slingo

Rainbow Riches Slingo is a big hit at Wink Slots and builds further on the original Rainbow Riches (in the video below), which became popular because of its bonus rounds, including the Magic Toadstool and Pots of Gold. Just like the original, the game has a cheerful Irish theme which contributes further to its general lovability. The object of the game is to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it’s like bingo in so far as that you mark off all the numbers in a line. When you have a complete line, you trigger a bonus round. 

There are bonuses galore in this version. It could a Magic Toadstool bonus, in which you have three picks to find a winning between x1, x5 or a fairy, or a Magic Toadstool Red, which gives you four picks; a Wishing Well, in which you get to pick a prize; a Cash Crop, in which 50 coins spin in front of you to determine the multiplier you receive — you then flip a coin to see whether you collect or get another go; a Road to Riches bonus, in which you spin the lucky wheel, move one to six places further along the trail and receive the prize from your trail position, or the Red version, which doubles the prize; or the Pots of Gold bonus, with prizes inside the pots of gold, silver or bronze, including a possible multiplier of x1000.

Online slots have made huge progress, using highly sophisticated technology to sustain the enjoyment and keep the game entertaining for players, who have a chance to win serious money when they play. Improvements in design and graphics have made games much more visually appealing and provide players with immense variety in an industry in which operators must work hard (and do) to retain existing players and attract new ones. Operating an online slot will always be a journey for the operators and players can expect many more exciting things as time goes by.

How Online Slots Continue to Improve
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