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Freedom, independence, adventure, excitement; these are the perks of solo travel.

Solo travel can be awesome. It can also be some of the lowest moments of your life. Many people rave about it, many are afraid of it. Here's a look at both sides of the story:

The Good:

Freedom and flexibility: Solo travel allows you to have the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. Go cheap and stay in hostels, or splash out on a night of luxury. You can be flexible with your mode of transport and destination, stay longer or shorter in places if you want to.

Independence: Solo travel gives you a sense of independence. You’re doing this all alone, it’s your responsibility to stay safe and find your own way around. Overcoming obstacles will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Adventure: Travelling alone provides adventure. You can go skydiving or bungy jumping all on your own without anyone to convince you that it’s not a good idea. One day you can be in Egypt checking out the pyramids, the next you can be in Petra. Maybe you fancy trekking in Africa to see Mountain Gorillas. Do it! No one is going to stop you.

Memories: Your memories will be your own. How many times have you been to a movie or exhibition and once you’ve discussed it with someone, your thoughts about it have changed? When you travel on your own, your memories and experiences of a place and culture are your own; no one can change those.

Become more social: Meeting new people will become second nature. Solo travel teaches you to become a personable sort of person. Talking to people in restaurants, hostels and at tourist attractions will give you opportunities to share experiences with like-minded people and learn of new and exciting places to go to.


Solo travel: The good, the bad and the (potentially) ugly
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