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A Facebook page featuring naked people from Hull in the snow - Lovers of Naked Snow - has been banned from the social networking site after the chilly flesh-fest was deemed offensive.

The Naked Lovers of Snow page was racking up fans until the party poopers at Facebook decided that one full-frontal picture in particular was inappropriate.

However, since being removed, founders of the group have fought back, claiming that most Facebook users were enjoying having a look at what naked people from Hull look like in the snow.

David Hanrahan, of east Hull, one of the founding members of the group, told The Telegraph: "I'm absolutely gutted they've taken it down.

"The lad who set it up, Shane Fisher, has been away in Majorca and a friend and I were added as administrators. It had been closely monitored to ensure nothing out of order was posted."

Lovers of Naked Snow began life when one Hull man took a picture of himself doing a naked press-up in the snow. When one of his friends responded with a similar nude offering, the Facebook page was born.

If you missed seeing the Facebook page, watch this space as the Hull nudists are planning to launch a Lovers of Naked Snow calendar.


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