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Destination: Switzerland

Switzerland sometimes gets a bit of a bad rap - it’s historically neutral, squeaky clean, always on time and, dare we say it… a bit boring. But if you can look past the perfectly synced watches and clock towers, you will learn that Swiss cities are much more pulsing than old guidebooks would have you believe. Throw the Alps into the mix and you’ve got a holiday on your hands that will keep everyone happy. To dispel some of the rumours and get the exploratory juices flowing, we’ve put together the top five places to visit in Switzerland. And we’ll start with this bonus: your flights will never be late. 


Switzerland has made Zurich its top city destination to visit – set beside a lake with dramatic views of snowcapped mountains in the distance and more than 50 museums and 100 art galleries, it pretty much sums up the essence of the country.  

Things to do: Seeing Zurich by boat will allow you to take in the busy life on and alongside the water, whilst also breathing in that fresh wilderness air as you go. Swiss chocolate is indisputably the best in the world, so stop by the Lindt Factory Outlet just south of city and pig out until your heart’s content. There’s also a huge array of museums - there’s the classic stops, such as the museum of fine art, Kuntshaus (hard not to fend off a laugh here we know) where you can see paintings by Munch, Van Gogh and Picasso, to more off-beat attractions such as the Zurich Hospital museum which exhibits 3D wax replicas of skin diseases and body parts. 

Going out: Going against all you know, Zurich (not Berlin, not Hamburg, not Frankfurt) has the highest ratio of clubs to population in Europe – and one of the most active clubbing scenes. On weekends about half of the country floods to West Zurich which is a converted industrial area packed full of trendy bars and warehouse spaces such as Rohstofflager and Q Club. This is techno and deep house central so get ready to be up all night. There’s also plenty of bar hopping with the best venues along an alley-way in the red-light district or ‘party mile’ of Langtrasse. 

Where to stay: Langstars ( is a hostel in the ‘party mile’ of Zurich. Rooms cost £29 a night and breakfast is included. Hostel Biber (+41 44 251 90 15), located in the nearby heart of the buzzing old town is also one of the few cheaper options in Zurich. Rooms cost £25 and there’s a spacious roof terrace.  


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