Voltaire & Rousseau, Glasgow
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If the clean displays and the regimented shelves of your average high street bookshop don’t excite you, Glasgow-based Voltaire & Rousseau is the bookshop for you. ‘Discovering’ your next read takes on a literal meaning among the chaotic piles of new and vintage books and the floor to ceiling shelves.

Word on the Water, London
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While many of us would never risk even taking a book into the bath, the owners of Word on the Water have created a stunning independent bookshop on a 1920s Dutch barge. The bookshop has quickly become a beloved favourite amongst readers, with 6000 signing a recent petition which secured Word on the Water a permanent mooring at London’s Granary Square.

Scarthin Books, Peak District
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Scarthin Books is the kind of shop you can spend an entire day in. With tens of thousands of books, both new and second-hand, packed throughout and a vegetarian cafe in which you can enjoy a hearty meal, Scarthin Books is a place a book lover could happily holiday in. 

Wenlock Books, Shropshire
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Located in a restored 14th century building, Wenlock books is a cosy yet comprehensive bookshop with a beautiful antique feel to it. Despite being located out of the way in the small town of Much Wenlock, this is a highly popular bookshop due to its character, its careful selection of new and old titles, and the passion of its owner, Anna Dreda.

Barter Books, Northumberland
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Barter Books is located in an old railway station, and for many booklovers that’s enough of a quirk to warrant a visit. Inside you’ll find plenty of books to browse, and ample chairs on which to sit and sample a few pages. There’s even a room with a cosy open fireplace that you could easily lose several hours in.

News from Nowhere, Liverpool

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A bookshop with a somewhat radical, yet entirely commendable, approach. News from Nowhere is a not-for-profit operation owned and run by a collective of equally paid workers committed to social change. They stock a wide range of literature designed to challenge, inspire, and empower people, and they regularly support struggles for justice and other good causes.

No Alibis, Belfast
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As you can probably guess, No Alibis is a bookshop dedicated to crime fiction. It is special because of the knowledgeable and attentive attitude of its staff, who are always on hand to provide a welcome coffee and to introduce you to new reads and authors.

Hay Cinema Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye

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In 1965 the redundant cinema in Hay-on-Wye was turned into a second-hand bookshop and it still thrives today. It’s special not only because of its unique setting, but also because of the 200,000 plus volumes you’ll find inside. They carry a huge variety of books, from scruffy pre-loved works you can buy for a handful of change, to antique wonders worth thousands of pounds.

P&G Wells, Winchester
Beloved by the local students and university professors as well as the general public, P&G Wells is a small independent bookshop that has been in existence for over 250 years. As well as a diverse stock, the bookshop boasts a varied calendar of events, and is even home to a traditional bookbinder.

St Ives Bookseller, Cornwall
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The beautifully appointed St Ives Bookseller provides a Cornish haven for book lovers, complete with solid bookshelves and Cornish slate flooring. It’s packed full of great reads, as well as a special section for signed books, and is only seconds from the beach.

Discovering a great bookshop is like making a new friend. A very eccentric friend who closes on Sundays. The retailers here merely represent the tip of the UK’s fantastic independent ‘book-berg’. Get out there and keep discovering!

Words: FlipSnack