Skinny Drinks

A new menu of cocktails that come in at less than 100 calories each has been launched at TGI Friday’s. Banish all guilt about lengthy booze sessions with the skinny Long Island Iced Tea or a fresh blueberry mojito.

Light Bites

Italy’s aperitivo tradition (serving light bites free of charge with drinks) has now landed in London. Head to Il Tempo in Covent Garden for homemade pasta, healthy veg and freshly whipped up pesto between 5.30-8.30pm.

Slimming Sushi

Who said fast food couldn’t be healthy? Pick up low-cal plates straight from the belt at Yo! Sushi, where mainstays such as miso soup and tuna nigiri will only cost you 56 and 88 calories respectively. Guilt-free gorging.