What exactly is wrong with you lot? You go to all the trouble of travelling to Munich’s famous Oktoberfest to not drink?!

Okay, we may be exaggerating a wee bit but the fact of the matter is that with Oktoberfest 2014 now history, visitors drank 300,000 litres less beer than last year.

Here are some other comparisons:

No. of visitors         2014 = 6.3m, 2013 = 6.4m

Beer drunk (litres) 2014 = 6.4m, 2013 = 6.7m

Oxen eaten             2014 = 112, 2013 = 114

Calves eaten          2014 = 48, 2013 = 58

Other facts and figures? Tent security stopped 112,000 people trying to sneak their mug home with them.
The most popular songs in the beer tents were “Atemlos” by Helene Fischer, “Auf uns” by Andreas Bourani and “Brenna tuats guat” by Hubert von Goisern.
The Lost and Found office, as usual, came up with some surprising finds. Apart from 900 passports, 530 wallets, 330 mobile phones, 305 bags and rucksacks, 31 cameras, 230 pairs of specs and 55 pieces of jewelry and watches, there were also two wedding-rings, one brand new iPhone 6 and a 4 tickets for the sold out football match between Bayern Munich and Hannover 96.
The top finds of the Oktoberfest 2014 were: A petticoat, a set of cymbals and a cat transporter.
Still missing is a German Federal Cross of Merit (2nd Class).