1. Kangaroo Island Like a zoo with no fences. It’s unlikely you’ll see as much wildlife in one place anywhere else in Oz. Plus some gorgeous beaches and the Remarkables (rocks).

2. Sniff, swish and swallow This place has got wine-growing regions around every corner; the Barossa Valley, the Clare Valley and McLaren Vale are only three of the most famous. Plus wine in the Adelaide pubs is as cheap as chips. Gerrin.

3. Frolic with dolphins It must be tough to be a dolphin – everyone wants a piece of you. In Adelaide  you can get your Flipper action on a cruise from Port Adelaide or Glenelg. On the latter you can also don a wetsuit and join them for a swim.

4. Sharks If you’re brave/fool enough to want to jump into a cage and pull faces at great whites, Port Lincoln is the place to visit.

5. Drive the Nullarbor Arguably the greatest roadtrip in Australia. With a surprising amount of great wildlife interactions.

6. Be dazzled by salt lakes These massive expanses of blinding white salt are a real outback icon. Lake Eyre is the biggest and most impressive, but its little brother Lake Hart is conveniently situated next to the Stuart Highway.

7. The Nude Olympics Held every summer on Maslins Beach, 40km south of Adelaide. Watch wobbly-fleshed folk partake in events such as the three-legged race (no, that’s not what you think…) and frisbee throwing.

8. Sunbathe on deserted beaches Head south from Adelaide towards the Fleurieu Peninsula, and interspaced between the popular holiday beaches are glorious stretches of golden sand all for you.

9. Ride the Glenelg tram The only tram left in the state, this piece of history has the added bonus of terminating right by Glenelg Beach.

10. Cruise along the Murray River Take a leisurely cruise on a Mississippi-style paddle steamer and soak up the laid-back atmosphere.

11. Go on the opal The majority of the world’s opals are mined around Coober Pedy and Andamooka so they’re the best places to find bargain gems. If you’re feeling lucky you could have a quick noodle yourself – just make sure it’s in one of the designated areas.