Growing your beard for 365 days is a pretty epic endeavour and one that Ricky Coates pulled off and documented in his 365 Days Of Beard blog.

The beard in question reaches impressive bushy lengths and, along with Coates’ awesome t-shirt collection, watching its progress over the course of a year is entertaining.

But what happened to Ricky’s life as he allowed his facial hair to run free?

“Most people respect/enjoy large beards,” wrote Coates. However, he continued:

“There are other people though who would stare me down, give me looks of disgust and every now and then insult me for no real reason other than I had a beard.”

Coates says that although he became known as “the beard guy” in college, girls were only friendly up to a certain point and jobs were harder to come by.

The beard, however, is not the guilty party.

I’m not saying it was my beard’s fault because I never blamed it for anything,” wrote Coates.

Watch the amazing 365 Days of Beard.