A series of tremors shook the city for about 20 seconds just before 9pm and was felt by millions of people from Kilmore, Gippsland, Mitcham, Coburg, Kensington, St Albans, Mornington Peninsula, Drouin, Rowville and inner-Melbourne.

It is not yet known if the tremor has caused any damage.

Claire McIlroy, of Mitcham, told the Herald Sun was crossing a street in nearby Ringwood when she heard a rumbling sound as the tremor struck.

“It sounded like a herd of animals running across a metal roof,” she said.

“The person I was visiting met me at the door, saying ‘did you feel that?’ “

“They said everything in their house shook, their daughter woke from her sleep and was crying, and the dog was going berserk.”

A statement from a police officer who was enjoying a coffee sums it all up –  “I had the cup sitting on the table and it spilled over,” said constable Chris Hand.

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