Content marketing has proven to be an effective marketing tool for businesses of different sizes. It’s imperative to up your marketing game as 2019 is wrapping up. This is applicable whether you’re planning to order content online or create from scratch.

There are tons of content from several websites and blogs out there. However, a significant percentage of them usually will end up in obscurity. Try to revamp your digital marketing strategy so that you can stay ahead of the competition next year.

Check out the 5 top content marketing trends that are set to transform the marketing landscape in 2020.

1. The spotlight will shine on user intent 

Focusing on user intent is already a big deal. The latest changes to Google’s algorithm have contributed to this to a great extent. The search engine now has what it takes to identify the kind of search each user is conducting.

Apart from that, it will point them in the right direction. One way to win at this is to write content that suits different types of search queries. Some content should also fit each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Make sure you prioritize and don’t relax even if you have a mobile-friendly and responsive site.

 2. Optimizing content for voice search 

The rate of voice search technology adoption is quite rapid compared to when it was first introduced. It has even been predicted that nearly 50% of all online searches will be powered by voice come 2020. 

A good number of the latest smart devices tend to provide accurate answers to queries. Voice search will leverage this although it’s still going through a series of changes. This is the best time to optimize your content for voice search. 

You will have a higher chance of showing up in search results in no time. 

3. Increasing demand for interactive content 

Interactive content is no longer a new concept as we’ve been experiencing it for the past few years. It can help to increase engagement with your target audience in real-time and boost conversion rate. A typical example of tools to achieve this is chatbots.

Many marketers and business owners have discovered their customer pressing needs through it. The good thing is that your audience won’t go through the stress of filling any form. They can easily find information on your site and you will likely spend less time responding to queries.

4. Personalized content will become mainstream 

Most online visitors often look forward to personalized experience in this digital age. They want content they can easily digest and find a solution to their problems. After you’ve ordered content online, endeavor to integrate automation tools. 

They will come in handy to gather and deliver relevant content that is tailored to the needs and interests of each customer. Make sure that you put their current stage in the sales funnel into consideration too.

5. Different forms of content will emerge 

Blog posts and articles have been around for a while now. There are other content formats especially videos that are gaining popularity recently. The truth is that several online visitors prefer video because it keeps them engaged and offers a better understanding of content.

Different forms such as product demos, webinars, interviews with experts and behind-the-scene can be shared on social media.

Online visitors need assistance before making a purchase online. Given this, be deliberate about maximizing data as you create content in 2020. You can order content to reach your online marketing goals and make your brand easily distinguishable.