The first 1,000 subscribers will allow you to become a YouTube Partner and start earning ad revenue. And the more people watch you, the more you earn from sponsorship, Ad sense and other monetary benefits of the platform. Inpatient channel owners who lack a small number of subscribers to the desired milestone often buy YouTube subscribers.

The world is strongly dependent on YouTube. On 17th of October 2018, the platform became inaccessible for 90 minutes. It sent large numbers of people to alternative sources of video which experienced an unseen user activity. 

YouTube has become the main source of entertainment, news and communication for billions of people worldwide. And many users seek for the type of content you create. You just need to try these 6 effective strategies to make your channel more popular. 

  1. Come up with the right name. 

Pick a channel name that pops! That’s where personal branding starts. A good name sticks in the minds of viewers and they are more likely to return and watch more of your content.  

Maybe you already have some ideas. Assess them. Exclude the names that are very long, have strange symbols or numbers in it, and have no relation to your channel’s niche.

In general, YouTube channel names fall into 4 categories:

1)     Name (Ariana Grande, Jenna Marbles, Lisa Koshy)

2)     Nickname (PewDiePie, CaptainSparkles, WillyRex)

3)     Brand (Nike, National Geographic, IKEA)

4)     Category (How to Cook That, Fitness Blender, History Channel).

Try to limit your channel name into 3 simple words or fewer. If you are run out of ideas, try channel name generators available online. 

  1. Polish your channel profile.

Visually appealing and well-organized profile contributes to your success as a YouTuber. Do you have a cover image? Take a look at it and give an honest answer to the following question: Can this image hook a potential subscriber? 

Create a cover that has your face, tag line and call-to-action. It should grab attention from the first glance. Having a catchy channel icon is also a bonus. Add your other social media accounts, so that more users could connect with you.

Tell people more about you and your channel in the description section. This is a great place to add keywords. Include your contact info to make it easy for partners to reach you.

Create a short welcome video for unsubscribed visitors. This is like making a movie trailer, but for your channel. Viewers will get a preview of your content and may want to subscribe. To look for nice-looking profiles, visit the following YouTube Channels: CrashCourse, Fearless & Far, Tasty, Carli Bybel.

  1. Create quality content.

The word “quality” refers not only to the technical characteristics of your video. You know for yourself that you must use a video camera to capture in HD and use a video editing program. 

First, decide on your goal. People watch something on YouTube when they look for some useful information and solve a problem, or for entertainment. So, your videos must accomplish one of these tasks, or both. 

Though your videos will fit the same niche, they must not be clones. Let’s look at the PICTURRESQUE I Regina (328,000 subscribers) channel. All her videos are makeup tutorials. But every time, she creates a totally new look using different products, makeup hacks, and even wigs. 

Make your vids neither too short nor too long. The length often depends on the theme. The Vagabrothers travel channel entertains its million subscribers with vlogs from different parts of the world. They pack all the joys of travelling into the videos with an average length of 15 minutes. AsapSCIENCE educational channel with 10 million subscribers provides short lessons up to 10 minutes length.

  1. Optimize the search. 

500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. To increase exposure, lace your content with SEO. Use concise, descriptive tags and place them in the title of your video. 

Note that YouTube pays special attention to your first few tags, especially the very first one.  So, make it specific. Often, YouTube suggests keywords and phrases according to the content of your video.

Make the title more searchable by including the following keywords in them:

●      tutorial

●      how to

●      review

●      test

●      what is

●      explanation.

Patry Jordan English, a channel with one million subscribers, posts hairstyles tutorials. The titles usually start with “How to cut…”, “How to color and highlight …”, “10 tips …”, “10 tricks …” or “Beauty hacks…”.

  1. Make video responses, parodies, or cover songs.

A sure-fire way to attract more visitors to your channel is to capitalize on other people’s success. Take a viral YouTube video and create a response, or give it a comical twist. Your work will pop up when users search for the initial famous video. 

Responses and parodies are extremely popular. A month ago, Nikkie de Jager from NickieTutorial posted her coming out video. It has got a lot of responses on YouTube. You may check. 

A great way to reach quick exposure is to upload covers to famous songs, if you can sing, of course. Alexander Stewart (1.6 million subscribers) makes covers of popular songs. And the more popular the song, the more views he gets. For example, his cover on Beyonce’s Halo has got 1.3 million views just in three months, while Ed Sheeran’s “South of the Border” has got only a hundred thousand views in four months.

  1. Promote your content.

It’s great if you have sound followership on other social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It gives an opportunity to promote your channel for free. But don’t be too pushy, don’t message every single person you know asking them to watch it.

Instead, make a post with an invitation to your channel, for example, “Guys, in my latest YouTube video I’ve done a little experiment ….”, and don’t forget to add the link in the description.

Employing different strategies is important if are serious about growing your YouTube followership. Some channels have really good, worth-watching content, but they don’t get the attention they deserve. We usually call them underestimated channels. And they are such because they neglect tagging, proper video description, and other essential aspects. Be smart and make use of every opportunity to reach your target audience.