Here are some of the best ways to come up with a bit of extra money and avoid financial stress without having to spend a lot of time and effort trying to make it work. Most of these ideas probably won’t provide you enough cash to live on; however, they may offer ways to make that extra cash on the side when you need it the most. 

Sell your old gear on eBay 

EBay is probably the number one place that you can sell off some of your extra stuff and get the best price for it. Whether you want to get rid of some gently used clothing, books, music CD’s, or collectibles, eBay is used worldwide by millions of users who just might be looking for what you have. Simply set up an account and list your items on the site. By the end of the online auction, the winning bidder pays directly to you via credit or debit card or online payment service such as PayPal. One extra advice is to never post your personal phone number, keep a business number just in case, phone numbers are a sure way of giving our personal information. 

Earn money from your website or blog 

If you write a blog or have your own website, it can become a revenue generator. Readers are constantly on the lookout for interesting, high-quality content that’s focused on a specific niche. You may also offer your own products to make even more cash. A website will not only provide your audience with great information, but offers a place to sell retail products of all kinds, eBooks, books, recorded seminars or a way to book you for speaking engagements. 

Publish guest posts on your blog 

By building up your blog audience and offering useful and high-value content, you may want to consider publishing guest blog posts on your blog from other bloggers. If you’re friends with an expert in your field, for example, invite them to write a guest post for your site. Having additional voices on your blog will build up both your audience and theirs, making it a potential win-win.

Sports betting & Casino games 

This particular approach can be both a fun way to pass the time and offer you some substantial cash if you win. When you bet on your favorite sports teams or play bingo games online, responsible players can potentially win big cash prizes. Some who play bingo games for money have won tens of thousands of dollars! 

Earn money from internet searches

Internet searches are a great way for you to earn money simply by searching the internet. A number of companies offer opportunities to earn a few dollars to over $10 an hour and more simply by doing research and testing results. Clients send you assignments and you get paid via an online payment service. Other sites such as Bing and Swagbucks offer opportunities to take surveys, play online games and test products to earn cash or gift cards. Just make sure the website is trustworthy and your online interactions are safe.

Take and Sell Photos

If you love to take photos you can make money doing it. Amateur and professional photographers make money by selling their photographs on websites offering stock photography. Individuals and companies will then purchase or license stock photographs for their websites, blogs, brochures, newsletters and advertisements. If you have your own website you can offer them directly or you offer them through microstock photo sites such as Dreamstime or Shutterstock. 


Freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Freelance Writing offer a wide variety of jobs in a number of areas that freelance writers, filmmakers, graphic artists, programmers and project managers can work on from anywhere in the world. Job listings are constantly being updated. Put together a profile and add your payment information and get paid.  

These are just a few of the many ideas that are out there to help you quickly earn money online. Try a few of these out or come up with even more and start earning some extra cash today.