10 feet tall weed plants were growing on an area bigger than a football pitch, it was reported this week.

The discovery was made during a routine helicopter flight.

 “I may not have noticed it myself, except I happened to glance down at the right time,” said the Sherriff’s officer Ed Graney.

“I told [my partner], ‘Turn around, let’s go check this out, make sure we have what we have here,'” said Graney, from Cook County sheriff’s office.

“It didn’t look like wild growth,” he continued.

The crop was well sheltered from prying eyes, according to the police. “It’s surrounded by tall grass, and basically it’s a huge field you wouldn’t see anywhere but from the air,” explained police representative Garry McCarthy.

A staggering 1500+ plants were found at the sight. Supposedly, a lookout fled from the scene. Camping equipment and food was also found in the plot.

Police are currently chopping down all the weed.

Pictures: Getty