An 8-year-old Saudi girl, Juju, who lectures Mubarak in Youtube video takes just 51 seconds to put Egypt to rights, telling the president he should, “let the people of Egypt vote”.

The Juju video has gone viral and perhaps Mubarak should take heed of the common-sense logic of the 8-year-old Saudi.

In the Youtube video, which has gone viral, Juju explains the basics of democracy with aplomb, telling president of 30-years Mubarak: “Let the people of Egypt vote” and warning that if he doesn’t, “they’re just going to make problems for you.”

Juju continues that Mubarak should be worried as, “Some of your police officers removed their jackets and they’re joining the people.”

Watch Juju’s message to Mubarak.


The Egyptian government has shut down the Internet in Egypt and mobile-phone text and Blackberry Messenger services are only operating sporadically. This has both stifled the flow of information out of the country and hindered the organisation of rallies.

However, resourceful Twitter and Facebook users are finding ways to get tweets and SMS messages out of the country.

Egypt tourist situation update

Mubarak has been facing calls to stand down protestors since Wednesday.

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei joined protesters on Sunday in Tahrir Square to call on Mubarak to step down.

This morning, ElBaradei joined calls for a million people to flood the streets on Tuesday in another push to bring down Mubarak.