A complete dinosaur skeleton has probably cropped up on a few 8-year-old boys’ Christmas lists over the years, but what if it actually could come true? This afternoon, the complete skeleton of a 60ft diplodocus dinosaur is to go under the hammer – and it could fetch up to £600,000.

Misty, one of just six complete diplodocus skeletons in the world, will be sold at auction in Billinghurst, West Sussex. The remains were discovered on private property in the United States by the teenage sons of a German palaeontologist and the dinosaur, which is made up of 100 bones, was pieced back together in Rotterdam, before it was shipped back to the UK.

The Natural History Museum in London have said they are not going to bid, leaving the auction open to anyone. Auctioneer James Rylands said he expects the dinosaur to fetch between £400,000 and £600,000. He told Sky News: ‘I think we will see a lot of interest from the Far East and possibly the Middle East. You could easily see this dinosaur forming the centrepiece or a big shopping centre or in the atrium of an amazing hotel.’

Credit: Getty Images