David (Samuel) has been off travelling round the world only to return to rainy London with news for his trio of mates – he’s marrying Aussie Mia and moving to Australia.

A trip Down Under for the nuptials, though, ends up a drug-and-drink- fuelled disaster as David’s best men prove themselves anything but.

Mixing a camp sensibility with gross-out humour, the edges here are a little uneven, but there are enough laughs to maintain things through the snappy running time: a drug dealer with paternal issues; spiking a sheep with laxatives; a stag night with debauched results; and Olivia Newton John’s coke-crazed mother-in-law in particular are just some of the obstacles David has to contend with.

There are some decent performances, Marshall and Kevin Bishop in particular as the troublemaker mate and his Hitler-tached accomplice, with supporting turns from Steve Le Marquand as a trouser-phobic dealer, and Aus stand-up Jonathan Biggins as the politician father-in-law whose son-to-be threatens his image.

 It’s good natured enough, even though it does become ever more hysterical by the third act.

For every set piece that nails it, there are a handful that fly wildly off the mark, too, all of which makes for enjoyable if not exactly necessary viewing. It’s fun and frothy while it lasts, and has the knowledge not to outstay its welcome.


%TNT Magazine% stars 3

Good for: Those who don’t demand too much from their romantic comedies

Starring: Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall | 15 | 96mins | On general release Aug 31