The Sunday Mail
joined expert local tracker Stephan Parker to retrace his footsteps in hopes of uncovering answers, yet were left perplexed with the 18 year old’s account of events.

Mr Parker, who was among the 50 volunteers involved in the search, was the first to find a footprint leading to the backpackers rescue. reported that Mr Woodhead told police he came across a car dump after realising he was lost, which is situated only 800 metres from the homestead where he had previously worked.

He then told UK paper Mail on Sunday that he climbed a hill to get a view of the homestead but only saw trees, and then crossed a fence.

The recent trek revealed that the homestead was visible from the hill, and only days earlier Mr Woodland had worked on the same fence.

Homestead owner Tanya Dawson stated “I don’t know how he didn’t see the house even at night, I had it lit up”, as reported by the Courier Mail.

The credibility of the story has also been compromised by reports that he was carrying a bag of clothes and contact lens fluid.

Attempts to contact Mr Woodland for further interviews have gone unanswered.