Cantina Movil
Based in Sydney, Cantina Movil is a chain of Mexican food trucks that’s dotted around the city. The owners Stephanie and Rode hired award-winning Head Chef Simon Livingston to create the authentic dishes they serve. This resulted in: burritos with Mexican slaw in its tangy citrus dressing, pinto beans, Monterrey Jack cheese, creamy chipotle mayo and fresh coriander rolled in a soft flour tortilla!

Harry’s Schnitzel Joint
Head up the coast from Sydney and you’ll find Newcastle, where our next truck is based. Originally, Harry James wanted to be a famous footballer, and he played for the Australian A-league. Now he follows in his parent’s footsteps, taking on the food industry with his mouth-watering schnitzels. You must try ‘The Famous’ schnitzel wrap – crammed full with golden schnitzel, crunchy vegetables, a generous helping of grated cheese, and finished off with a drizzle of special recipe dressing.

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Credit: Harry’s Schnitzel Joint

The Nighthawk Diner
Back down the coast to Sydney, you’ll find the all-American-loving truck known as ‘Queen Latifah’. Inspired by his travels in Los Angeles, Al decided to set up The Nighthawk Diner food truck in his hometown. For all you fast-food lovers out there, you have to try the Philly cheesesteak or the Cuban sub sandwich. But don’t miss out chow-down on some juicy American cheeseburgers and golden, cheesy fries.

Eat Art Truck
Another Sydney-based truck is the street art-inspired Eat Art Truck: a moving canvas for artists to express themselves whilst enjoying eight-hour hot smoked pulled pork. Each month, a new artist paints a piece on the side of the food truck and at the end of the month, the piece is sold off for charity. Whilst enjoying the master piece on the truck, you have to try their slow roasted beef brisket in a bun with some crispy fries on the side.

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Credit: Eat Art Truck

As the sun sets over Sydney, a group of finely-bearded men makes their way to an old shipping container to open their bakery. This space used is not just for serving food, but also for entertaining guests as part of the Knafeh experience. “The Bearded Bakers” serve Middle-Eastern-inspired Knafeh, which is baked on site and the only dish they serve. It’s finely crushed pistachios and a drizzled of fragrant sugar syrup that results in a crunchy topping on top of a hot oozing centre – a bit like a hot crème brulée. 

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