In fact, a third of British parents say their neighbours are unaware they have children. It’s a damning reflection of the disconnect between communities in the country.

Only 12 per cent of parents feel their neighbours are supportive.

Research by Mothercare, found that rather than popping their heads over the fence for a yarn, as in the days when community spirit was alive, parents are increasingly turning to the internet for family advice.

Elizabeth Day, a parenting expert at Mothercare, said: “Where in previous generations there may have been a whole community regularly involved in bringing up a child, now this has been diluted down to various other sources such as the internet and is much less likely to come from the area they live in.”

Some 2000 parents with children under three were surveyed by Mothercare, with parents in the North West and Yorkshire being the most dissatisfied with support and advice in their local area.

Ms Day said it is important for parents to know their neighbours.

“It is incredibly important for both expectant and new parents to know that there are other people in their community who have similar concerns in a face-to-face, friendly environment, and who are there to support each other through the trials and tribulations of becoming a parent,” she said.