With lipstick smeared around her mouth, the 25-year-old model pulled a clown face and posted it on Twitter yesterday.

It came after the mum and wife of footballer Peter Crouch was photographed with swollen lips at a WAG Christmas lunch in Manchester, starting rumours that her pout was not quite natural.

She tweeted alongside the picture: “I swear I haven’t had my lips done!!!!”

But Harley Street experts disagree, and say she has taken more extreme measures than lip-enhancing beauty products.

Lisa Littlehales, Lead Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group said: “I would say that Abbey Clancy has definitely had fillers recently in her lips, as they are much fuller and pronounced – probably in the last couple of days.

“Looking back at pictures of Abbey when she was 18 years old she had a much thinner top lip. Since then, it looks like she regularly has filler in both her bottom and top lip which has created a fuller looking pout.”

Others have speculated that Clancy has been using bee venom products to enhance her lips – a new celeb craze to make the lip area seem fuller.

Whatever she’s done to get her new lips, Twitter users have been turned off, describing her new image as “trout pout”.

One user wrote: “Looks like Abbey Clancy has got that stupid big pouting lip thing celebs get. She was hot – now daft with those lips,”

Another said: “What has Abbey Clancy done to her lips?!?! #TroutPout.”