The badges would be worn on on official Argentine team clothing saying: “Las Islas Malvinas son Argentinas,” translated as the Falklands are Argentine.

Olympics next year will be held weeks after the 30th anniversary of the Falklands conflict, in which Britain defended their sovereign right on the south Atlantic islands after Argentine forces invaded. 255 British lives were lost, as well as 655 Argentines and three islanders. 

Tory MP for Romford Andrew Rosindell said: “It would be a terrible insult to the people of the Falkland Islands who have a democratic right to be British. 

“It’s not for Argentina to abuse their participation in the Olympics and play politics. They should not be allowed to participate if they are going to promote an illegal political cause.”

Mike Simmons, a member of the Falkland Islands legislative assembly, said: “The people of the Falkland islands have the right to self-determination under international law and we ask every nation to respect our freedoms.”