However, an album follow-up to her highly acclaimed 21 will not be released for another two years, she said.

It comes after she announced she would take a five year hiatus after winning a haul of Grammy awards.

Speaking to French Radio station NRJ, Adele said: “There will be a new song, probably coming out at the end of the year. But then it depends how quickly I write some other new songs.”

Asked about a new album, she replied: “It won’t be for a good two years.”

Responding to disappointed pleas, she quipped back: “Yeah, but I have to write it! It takes a while.”

The ‘follow up’ album to a milestone release, such as 21, can often make or break an artist.  But Adele insisted she doesn’t feel pressure to achieve the same success has her second studio set.

“I never ever expected the success of my first album, let alone how many records [21] has sold,” she said. “I don’t really feel the pressure for the next record to be big as my last one, as I know it’s not really possible.

“What’s happened with [21] is very rare, anyway. I have to convince with my songs again and that’s where the pressure comes from. That’s me putting pressure on myself.”

As of March 2012, Adele has sold over 18 million copies of 21 worldwide.