Gone are the days that an action filled holiday would mean packing up and heading to Eastbourne for a long weekend, as new research reveals that just 11 per cent are opting for a caravan holiday and only six per cent are planning a camping trip. Mountaineering, mountain biking and canoeing are now fast becoming the most popular activities for British families and friends.

The rise of adventure travel has been widely discussed and figures from Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)shows Brits opting for activity filled holidays in exotic destinations increased by a staggering 65% in four years, since 2009.

Tourism boards have also spotted this increase and 80% now consider adventure travel a standalone sector – compared to just 40% as little as eight years ago, with it’s estimated worth now $263bn in the US and Europe alone.

The research conducted on behalf of Pyramid Travel Products highlights the thrill that we Brits now get from incorporating activities such as mountain biking and canoeing into our yearly trip. Around a quarter (22%) of respondents said that in the past 10 years they have been to an exotic country to try a new activity like bungee jumping, rafting, or paragliding – emphasising how holiday makers are now looking for something more exhilarating. Countries such as Austria, Botswana and Cuba are just some of the best destinations for adventure travellers this year.