Starring: Clive Owen, Catherine Keener, Liana Liberato

Cert: 15 RT: 106 mins


You have to hand it to David Schwimmer – the man isn’t afraid to try new things.

After cutting his directorial teeth on comedy Run Fatboy Run, the former Friends star delves into the murky world of internet sexual predators for this shocking drama.

Newcomer Liana Liberato is superb as Annie, a 14-year-old who strikes up an online friendship with Charlie, who she thinks is a teenage boy. She finally meets him face-to-face, only to discover he’s a middle-aged predator who’s been grooming her.

When her father Will (Owen) finds out his daughter has been raped, it rips him apart – his anger and frustration made worse by Annie’s inability to see anything wrong with what Charlie has done.

Exploring topical themes like parenting in the technological age and the sexualisation of children in advertising with subtlety and restraint, Schwimmer does a fine job behind the camera.

He’s helped by powerhouse performances, with Owen again underlining his class and Catherine Keener equally impressive as Annie’s mother.

Trust is not a flawless film but there is enough here to suggest Schwimmer has a bright future as a filmmaker.

Good for: Redefining “Ross”.

Pierre de Villiers