That’s the ‘offensive’ joke that’s got knickers in a twist down under, after it appeared in a Christmas cracker as part of an advertising campaign for Kiwi airline Air New Zealand’s Grabaseat website.

Air NZ has refused to remove or apologise for the joke, with many members of the public claiming criticism of it was ‘political correctness gone mad’.

Adams’ was in Olympic silver position, until Ostapchuk was stripped of her gold medal after testing positive for drugs.

A spokesperson from Air New Zealand explained that they’d had no complaints:  “The promotion has been very successful – visits to the site are up 81 per cent and yesterday’s Grabaseat sales were up by 30 per cent,” the source said to the New Zealand Herald.

One online user wrote: “This joke is unbelievably offensive, transphobic and just plain unnecessary. Really poor form.”

Another comment read: “I can’t see a problem maybe those with sexist views should take a deep breath and realise that there is still humour in the world, I would like to think that Air NZ still trys to push the boundreys.”

Picture: Getty Images