Data collected by passenger rights service provider from Easter 2014 shows an average increase of 35 percent compared to averages outside of the holiday period of that same year. Peak days saw a rise of 45 percent. Compensation claims were most commonly filed as a result of flight delays in excess of three hours.

This spike during the Easter period is largely due to flight delays and cancellations at airports. Traditionally the holiday period results in a greater volume of airline passengers. Most people travel as family units or in groups and, in the case of delays, commonly assert their claims together.

“We regularly see an increase in compensation claims filed against airlines during the Easter holiday period,” explains Eve Büchner, founder and CEO of “Nonetheless, only about two percent of those affected are aware they could file such a claim, making the estimated number of those owed compensation much higher than our data reflects. That’s why I advise travellers to inform themselves about their rights as passengers. Delays of over three hours, cancellations or missed connecting flights potentially entitle passengers to compensation payments of up to 600 Euros.”